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    Warehouse Pickup Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get started with Warehouse Pickup?

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    Select Refill Prescription tab enter in your prescription information, warehouse number, patient first and last name, and refill number.

    How do I check my status for Warehouse Pickup?

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    Select Prescription Status tab. Input your prescription details, warehouse number, patient first and last name, and refill number.

    Can I request my prescription be sent to a different warehouse for a single refill?

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    No, the refill can only be filled at the previous warehouse it was filled at.

    How do I get a prescription back to my warehouse after moving it to Home Delivery?

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    Contact your local Costco Pharmacy warehouse and request for the prescription to be filled. The pharmacy will take care of the transferring the prescription back.

    Do I need to sign in to access Warehouse Pickup features?

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    No, you do not need to sign in or register to use the Warehouse Pickup feature.

    What do the status icons mean?

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    Status Icon
    Action Required
    Action is required. (patient name, number mismatch, no prescription found on file)
    System Issues
    We are experiencing system issues.
    Order Sucessfully Received
    Your refill order has been successfully received. We are working on your refill order.
    System Issues
    More time is needed for your refill request. (no refills left we are contacting the physician for refills.)