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    Product Reviews

    What are product reviews?

    Product reviews offer customers a platform to provide feedback about merchandise being offered on You are given the opportunity to share your personal experience with the product. In addition, each product review provides an overall rating based upon a 1 to 5 star rating system with 5 being the most favorable. You may also find the product reviews helpful in determining which product best suits your needs, based upon reviews posted by other consumers who have previously purchased the product.

    How do I submit a product review?

    Use the search field to enter an item number, brand name, model # or keyword, to find the item you wish to write the review for. Click on the "Product Reviews" tab just below the product image on the item page. Click on the "Review this product" link. If the item has not yet been reviewed, you will be offered the opportunity to "Be the first to write a review." You will then be directed to the Login Page. If you have not previously registered on, you will need to complete the "New Registration" section prior to completing the review.

    There are 7 steps within the review process:

    1. Provide an overall product rating based on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, with 1 being the least favorable and 5 being the most favorable rating.
    2. Indicate whether or not you would recommend this product to a friend.
    3. Create a "Nickname" for yourself. This will be the nickname shown on all your future reviews. Please do not use your real name.
    4. Give your review a "Title."
    5. Share your opinion with a detailed review. Focus on the product and your individual experience using it. Provide details about why you liked or disliked the product.
    6. Enter any pro's or con's you experienced with regard to the product you're reviewing.
    7. Tell us your geographic location IE: New York, NY

    At the end of the review process, we ask you to "Tell Us What You Think About". This feedback will not appear as part of the product review on our site, but will be used to improve the products and services offers you.

    Reviews may take up to 72 hours to appear following submission.

    How do I find product reviews for a particular item I'm interested in?

    Use the search field to enter an item number, brand name, model # or keyword, to find the item that you wish to research. If the item has been reviewed by other consumers, you will see the average number of stars assigned, followed by the number of reviews submitted. Click on the "Product Reviews" tab. The "Product Reviews" page will display the overall rating, followed by the reviews that have been posted for this product. Following the posted reviews, you will see the question "Was this review helpful to you?" would appreciate your letting us know with a simple yes or no. At this point, you will also see a link to report any review content you feel may be inappropriate.

    Why can't I find a product review that I submitted?

    Product reviews submitted on will be screened prior to posting, to insure they comply with our Terms and Conditions of Use. For complete details, please click here. Approved ratings & reviews are posted to the site within 72 hours.