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    NEW Kirkland Signature 5.0 Premium Hearing Aids

    Life begins anew with spectacular sound.
    Now you don't have to compromise on your hearing. Kirkland Signature hearing devices mimic the human ears' organic sound processing. The result is a rich, clear, natural sound. We've made these instruments easier than ever to use. When you change programs or adjust the volume on one hearing instrument, the other adjusts itself. Stream sound from your mobile phone, TV, music player or computer straight to your hearing device in high-definition audio with optional wireless accessories.**
    New 5.0 Features
    Small and sleek for all-day comfort, these discreet hearing instruments are designed to give you a natural hearing experience.

    Remote Control:
    With clear, high-contrast LCD display that helps you adjust volume or change hearing programs with ease.

    Tracks your hearing instrument usage. Your hearing aid professional can analyze the data and customize the fit to your lifestyle.

    Device-2-Device Communication:
    Synchronize your volume levels and programs – the Device-2-Device allows your hearing instruments to work together as one unit.

    Digital Feedback Suppression:
    Reduces annoying whistling.

    Directionality Options:
    Participate in conversations while remaining aware of surrounding sounds – even in a noisy environment!

    Nanotech coating:
    Get caught in the rain? Not to worry – moisture rolls right off. Nanotech coating protects the surfaces and electronics of your hearing aids from moisture and perspiration.

    Noise Regulator:
    Tracks and reduces disturbing noise, allowing you to hear more comfortably in even the loudest environments.

    Sound Processing:
    Delivers such a natural-sounding listening experience, you almost forget you're wearing hearing instruments!

    Volume Adjustment:
    Customized volume settings for your specific environmental listening situations.

    Wind Protection:
    Premium technology that greatly reduces annoying wind noise, making it more comfortable to hear in outdoor environments.

    Freedom from Hassle
    Cut ties with cords and bulky neck adapters: True hearing comfort begins with wireless accessories. 2.4 GHz wireless signal capabilities provide a strong, clear and stable sound. These optional wireless accessories, stream sound directly to your hearing instruments and are available for an additional cost. Best of all – they're easy to use!

    Optional Wireless Accessories

    TV Streamer
    Allows you to stream sound from a television, computer or audio system directly to your hearing instruments up to 23 feet.

    Phone Clip+
    Take phone calls, adjust the volume level of the speaker or stream music, all at the touch of a button. Using the Phone Clip+ to connect (or pair) with any Bluetooth®-enabled mobile phone turns your hearing instruments into a premium mobile phone sound system.

    Clip-On Microphone
    Ideal for noisy situations, the Clip-On Microphone transmits the speech of your friend or loved one to your hearing instruments. When the microphone is clipped on, the speaker's voice is transmitted directly to your hearing instruments in sparkling clarity.

    Intuitive Technology
    Intuitive Sound

    Hear the joys of life as they're meant to be heard – an intimate conversation in a restaurant, a concert with friends, laughter all around you – in superior sound. Kirkland Signature hearing devices are packed with the latest technology to bring you rich, clear, stereo sound, no matter where you are.

    Kirkland Signature Premium Hearing Aids
    Our Kirkland Signature Premium Hearing Aids 5.0 kit contains state-of-the-art premium hearing instruments with multiple accessories.

    What's in the kit?
    • 2 premium wireless hearing instruments
    • Remote control
    • Cleaning cloth and brush
    • Presentation case
    • Travel pouch
    • 8 batteries
    • User guides

    7 color options

    Choose from a range of colors to match your style, skin tone or hair color. Enjoy a hearing experience that looks, sounds and feels natural!

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    Click here to find the Costco Hearing Aid Center near you. Call and make an appointment with one of our hearing aid staff for a no-obligation hearing test. Current wearers are invited to schedule a complimentary hearing aid checkup that includes cleaning and a new battery.

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    ** Product options offered at an additional cost.