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  • Export Sales. Costco Export's can offer the same high quality merchandise as Costco's warehouses, in volume quantities at volume pricing.
    3 Easy Steps to Save with Costco Export Sales
    • Download and fill out the PDF forms below. Email these to
    • Export Volume Request Form Export Agreement Form
    • You will receive an Export Sales response within 2 business days.
    • Customer confirms order with Export Sales Professional.
    For questions other than export sales, email

    Note: Volume Sales requests will be sent to
    The minimum qualifications for receiving Costco Export's volume pricing are as follows:
    • A 10-pallet minimum order for each item; with the exception of a $10,000 minimum order per item for all vitamin and health supplements.
    To inquire about smaller purchases, contact your local Costco warehouse.

    In turn, Costco Exports will offer the following services:
    • One centralized source and point of contact for your order.
    • Consolidation of merchandise for export shipments from Costco distribution centers throughout the United States.
    • A commercial invoice and packing list.
    • Assistance to your freight forwarder in arranging shipment to the final destination.