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  • Business Prescription Insurance

    Costco provides the next generation of pharmacy benefits management. The offering is a solution designed to cover employers who are self-funded. We welcome virtually all types of payers including unions, health plans and municipalities, just to name a few.

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    save on your prescription benefits call 1-877-426-7680

    Benefits to your organization

    • One flat management fee is charged on a per-member per-month (PMPM) basis
    • Discounts through a nationwide pharmacy network
    • Additional discounts and even lower pricing at Costco Pharmacies
    • Formulary management services
    • Drug utilization review
    • Standard Reporting package
    • Claims processing
    • Prescription cards for both members and dependents
    • 24/7 Pharmacy and Member Services desk
    • Mail Order and Specialty Pharmacy Services

    The Costco Prescription Benefit Program includes claims processing along with Costco's value pricing as the preferred pharmacy provider.

    How our program differs from other prescription benefit management programs:

    In addition to our exclusive pharmacy provider pricing, 100% of all rebates and administrative fees received from pharmaceutical manufacturers will be credited to you, the payer. This means immediately lower prices and, unlike our competitors, our program does not create a "pricing spread" that is built in as additional profit. Our design is fundamentally a cost-plus strategy.

    Flexible benefit structures accepted:

    Many benefit designs can be implemented. In fact, we can assist in development of a customized benefit program that fits your needs.

    Benefits to your organization contracting and using the services of Costco PBM:

    If your organization contracts with us, and your employees and dependents/retirees use Costco pharmacies, they will pay lower prices than they would at the other nearly 67,000 pharmacies in the national network.

    Costco operates more than 470 full-service pharmacies, with state-of-the-art computer systems that feature automatic screening for medication interactions, medication usage and medication allergies. Costco also offers a convenient mail-order delivery and specialty pharmacy option.

    To learn how we can help your organization
    save on your prescription benefits call

    Prescription benefit management services just got better!

    Costco value pricing has now come to Pharmacy benefits.