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    Quality of Life Through Quality of Hearing. JUNA ... Technology that Matters

    With Juna premium hearing aids, you can enjoy enhanced speech understanding even in the most challenging listening situations.

    ChannelFree™, our proven signal processing system, provides you with a distinctively clear and natural sound quality.

    i-VC, an intelligent volume control, is a new and unique feature in Juna ensuring that your hearing aid reacts most appropriately to volume changes and adapts to different listening environments.

    Bernafon Hearing Aids and Accessories

    Directionality is also important for hearing conversations more clearly. That's why Juna comes with a set of different directionality features to support 360° sound detection.

    Finally, noise reduction is crucial for hearing the conversation and enjoying the moment. With Juna and its set of noise reduction systems, unwanted noise is cleverly reduced.

    Bernafon Hearing Aids and Accessories
    Bernafon Hearing Aids and Accessories
    Bernafon Hearing Aids and Accessories
    Behind-the-Ear Models: CPs, CP, N, NR. In-the-Ear Models: ITEPD/ITED, ITCPD/ITCD, ITC, CICP, CICx/CIC, IIC.
    Optional Accessories Available at additional cost. Bluetooth® † Wireless Connectivity: SoundGate 3 $189.99 #944554,  SoundGate Mic $189.99 #944562, TV Adapter 2 $149.99 #854893, Telephone Adapter 2 $119.99 #845937. Standard Remote Control $99.99 #420051
    Juna 7 starting at $899.99*each   |   Juna 9 starting at $1,299.99*each
    Contact your Costco Hearing Aid Center to schedule an appointment and free product demonstration.
    Available at your local Costco Hearing Aid Center.
    * If needed, custom ear molds sold separately. Prices may vary by state.
    † A Bluetooth connection is only possible with the optional SoundGate remote control. The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
    and any use of such marks by Bernafon is under license.
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