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Wipe 'n Clear® Lens Wipe, 225 Wipes


Anti-Streak, Great for Eyewear & Glass Screens, Anti-Static.

Item #100017205

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    Anti-Streak Formula for Crystal Clear Vision

    Life happens. Make it crystal clear with Wipe ‘N Clear® lens wipes. New larger count, new look with the same great wipe.

    Wipe 'n Clear® Premoistened Lens Wipes are a great way to clean your eyewear, multi-media devices, and other devices. Individually packaged, makes them convenient to use and carry with you wherever you go. Keep them at home, office, auto and everywhere you travel.

    Wipe ‘n Clear® quilted wipes will:
    • Lift off grease, dust and lint quickly and conveniently
    • Dry instantly with no streaking
    • Includes an anti-static formula to reduce build-up of film, dust and lint

    Before Cleaning your Lenses and Other Devices:
    While these Wipe 'n Clear® lens wipes will not scratch lenses, surface grit or dirt may. ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR LENSES AND OTHER DEVICES BY REMOVING HARMFUL SURFACE GRIT PRIOR TO CLEANING. The dry method of removing grit is to lightly wipe or brush it away using a wadded Wipe 'n Clear® lens wipe or shamee. Once you are certain all grit has been removed, wipe lenses sparkling clean.

    Instructions for Use:
    Remove any surface grit by following the directions above. Use Wipe 'n Clear® Premoistened Lens Wipes to polish the surface clean.

    Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Detergent and Anti-Static. Tested per ASTM E1720-01

    Do not use internally. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use if rash or skin irritation is present. Not for use on contact lenses. Keep out of reach of children. Please consult your owner's manual of products and devices instructions before use. Check with your optician before using this product on Anti-Reflective coated lenses. Not for use with plasma screens.

    Why is this product better for the environment?
    • Vegetable based inks
    • Box is made of 100% recycled material
    • Cleansing formula is environmentally friendly