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Surf City Garage Professional Enthusiast Grade® Detail Kit

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Detail Your Ride to Perfection Inside and Out With the Professional Enthusiast Grade Detail Kit

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Detail your ride to perfection like a pro, inside and out with the Professional Enthusiast Grade® Detail Kit.  From cleaning and polishing to sealing and waxing, give your interior and exterior what it wants and needs. The only detailing products Made By Enthusiasts, For Enthusiasts™.


  • 24oz Speed Demon™ Wax Detailer
  • 24oz Barrier Reef® Spray Wax
  • 24oz Beyond Steel® Tire & Wheel Cleaner
  • 24oz Beyond Black® Tire Pro Dressing
  • 24oz Dash Away® Interior Detailer
  • 24oz Road Trip™ Grime Destroyer
  • 24oz Beyond Glass™ Glass & Surface Cleaner
  • 24oz Hit The Spot™ Stain & Spot Remover
  • 16oz Pacific Blue® Wash & Wax
  • 8oz Killer Chrome™ Perfect Polish
  • 8oz Black Max™ Vinyl, Rubber & Trim Dressing
  • 8oz Beyond Clay® Paint Polish
  • 8oz Wipe Out™ Scratch Remover
  • 8oz Voodoo Blend™ Leather Rejuvenator
  • 8oz Diamond Edge™ Wheel Wax
  • Nano-Detail™ Washing Sponge
  • Nano-Detail™ Applicators (2 pack)
  • Nano-Detail™ Polishing Cloths (3 pack)
  • Nano-Detail™ Drying Towel

Speed Demon™ Wax Detailer gives your car a brilliant shine, blocks contaminants and UV rays, has no buildup, no streaks and lasts three times longer than other spray detailers (thanks to high levels of #1 Carnauba wax).

Barrier Reef® Carnauba Spray Wax provides the longest-lasting paint protection and is hand blended with the world’s best Brazilian Carnauba for that deep, wet, reach-in-and-touch-the-paint-gloss.

Beyond Steel® Tire & Wheel Cleaner is fast, easy to use and will get your wheels and tires looking brand new in seconds.

Beyond Black® Tire Pro Dressing puts that straight-off-the-showroom-floor shine on your tires. It even helps extend their life and protect them from UV rays.

Dash Away® Interior Detailer is 100% safe for cleaning every surface and doesn’t leave greasy or oily residue anywhere. It also adds powerful UV ray protection to stop the sun from fading your interior surfaces.

Road Trip™ Grime Destroyer is a gel that stays where you put it to dissolve, remove and clean any exterior metal surface of your car. Yes, even clear coats! No more using watery bug & tar removers that drip off before they can do any good.

Beyond Glass™ Glass & Surface Cleaner is the top choice of enthusiasts for three crystal clear reasons. #1: Unlike economy glass cleaners, it’s ammonia free, so it’s totally safe even on tinted windows and weatherstripping. #2: It never, ever streaks – not even in the hottest sun. #3: It’s hands-down the best cleaner on the market for granite counter-tops, chrome, stainless, ceramic tile and virtually every solid surface.

Hit The Spot™ Stain & Spot Remover cleans and removes the toughest stains of grease, food, drinks, dirt, grime and mildew. This Enthusiast Grade cleaner and spot remover is 100% color safe on all carpets and upholstery including carpet, vinyl, rubber floor mats, cloth and leather.

Pacific Blue® Wash & Wax has a super-concentrated (16 washes in 16 ounces!), #1 Carnauba wax formula that isolates dirt particles so they can’t scratch your paint. Wash & Wax without a scratch!

Killer Chrome™ Perfect Polish has a non-abrasive chemical formula, which means you can use it repeatedly to remove surface rust and oxidation with no fear of damage to your chrome or metal. Chrome, aluminum, stainless and even brass, this stuff is Enthusiast Grade® and can do it all.

Black Max™ Vinyl, Rubber & Trim Dressing contains powerful UV blockers to stop or prevent bleaching and cracking from the sun. The finish isn’t greasy or glossy, so you get a perfect factory-new look.

Beyond Clay® Paint Polish does way more than a clay bar has ever dreamed of doing: restores faded paint to a factory gloss and removes swirl marks, light scratches and surface contaminants. Use it with no fear of damage because Beyond Clay is 100% safe for all surfaces.

Wipe Out™ Scratch Remover can really erase scratches in your clear coat, not just hide them like other products. It’s safe and works great on every color. Not for deep scratches that go through the clear coat.

Voodoo Blend™ Leather Rejuvenator puts the life back into your leather. It also keeps new leather supple and smooth. The best beeswax on the planet combined with oil-replenishing lanolin soothes your leather like lotion on dry skin.

Diamond Edge™ Wheel Wax is your single-bottle solution to clean, seal & protect. It’s advanced, resin-based formula not only goes on super quick & easy, but will stand up to the heat of the road and give you long-lasting protection for months.

Nano-Detail™ Washing Sponge contains the highest quality microfiber in the world. Exclusively available through Surf City Garage, this Enthusiast Grade sponge cleans all surfaces completely scratch-free.

Nano-Detail™ Applicators are perfect for applying waxes, sealers and polishes and are completely scratch-and-swirl-free. The soft fibers help to evenly distribute product.
Nano-Detail™ Polishing Cloths clean and polish all surfaces completely lint-, scratch- and streak-free and are perfect for washing and drying, as well as for applying and removing waxes and polishes.

Nano-Detail™ Drying Towel dries all surfaces completely lint-, scratch- and streak-free. Ultra-absorbent and so long lasting, you can wash it hundreds of times.

  • Brand: Surf City Garage

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