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Pat LaFrieda USDA Prime Beef Combo Pack

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Combo Pack Includes: Chateaubriand Roast, Kalbi/Flanken, 5" Single Bone Short Ribs, Hanger Steak & Skirt Steak.  4 lbs. each.
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Due to this product being cut & produced to order to ensure the freshest product,  item ships UPS Next Day Air Monday - Thursday for Tuesday - Friday delivery.

Order Monday by 12:00 Noon PST  Receive Wednesday
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We start with the best meat available and keep it that way. Our meat has never been frozen and arrives to you fresh. Your meat is cut by our expert butchers alongside orders from some of the most famous chefs in the country.  Immediately after your meat is portioned, it is vacuum packed to ensure optimal freshness. Meat is shipped Next Day Air in 1½ inch thick coolers with enough ice packs to last 48 hours of transit or more. All product arrives fresh (never frozen) and ready to cook or freeze.

The "Pat LaFrieda USDA Prime Beef Combo Pack" contains everything you need to stock your kitchen with the BBQ essentials. The all-in-one FRESH, Never Frozen package includes:

Chateaubriand Roast - 4 lbs.
Nothing can beat the tenderness of our Chateaubriand Roast. Imagine a long roast made of tender, juicy, and delicious Filet Mignon. Silence will fill the room as your dinner guests savor every bite. Perfect for a holiday dinner, special occasion, or just a wonderful night with the family. The Tenderloin Roast comes trimmed and tied.

Kalbi/Flanken - 4 lbs.
Kalbi/Flanken are short ribs that are cut across a 3 bone section of the short rib. We slice these at about 1/3" thick. These are perfect for making Korean Kalbi or traditional Jewish Flanken. We are huge fans of Korean barbecue and highly recommend it. The bones in the Kalbi not only add flavor, but act as a natural hand-hold. The only downside is that everyone will know how many you ate when they see the pile of bones. Make sure you quickly discard them.

5" Single Bone Short Ribs - 4 lbs.
These 5" single bone short ribs are perfect for barbecue or braising. Unlike the back ribs, the short ribs have their meat on top of the bone instead of in between the bones. These individual ribs are 5" long and 3" wide with a good 1-2" of meat above the bone. Each individual rib is approximately 16 oz.

Hanger Steak - 4 lbs.
The Hanger Steak is one of the most flavorful cuts of beef you can find. It is also extremely tender when cooked to medium rare or less and cut across the grain. The Hanger Steak is comprised of two muscles separated by a tough membrane. We carefully remove this membrane and butterfly each half. This results in two strips of meat that are very easy to cook. Just a few minutes for each side on a hot grill or skillet is all it needs. Overcooking will make this steak tough.

Skirt Steak - 4 lbs.
The skirt steak is a family favorite. It has an abundance of fat and is full of flavor. It can be prepared simply with salt and pepper or marinated. For maximum tenderness, cook to medium-rare and cut against the grain.

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