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Kirkland Signature™ Silver Tequila 100% Blue Agave

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    Tasting Notes
    Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila is blended by Master Distiller Arturo Fuentes. It features smooth agave-cooked flavors with hints of fruit, vanilla and light wood. The finish is long, as the alcohol content and density of the spirit linger in the mouth, producing a prolonged sensation of freshness and roundness.

    • 100% Blue Agave
    • Region: 100% Jalisco, Mexico
    • Alcohol Content: 40% (80 proof)

    Kirkland Signature Silver Tequila is made from some of the finest blue agave available. Agaves are hand-selected and handpicked in Jalisco, Mexico, at an average age of more than 7 years. The agave leaves are cut away in order to obtain piñas, the plant’s ripe core. The piñas are baked in a steam oven which converts their natural starches to sugar. After cooking, the juices are pressed out and placed in the fermentation tanks. After 72 hours of fermentation, the juices are distilled twice in stainless steel pot stills which creates a superior spirit.

    Please Drink Responsibly
    -Costco Wholesale Corporation, Issaquah, Washington