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Kirkland Signature™ Ready-To-Drink Golden Margarita Wine Cocktail

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    Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita Wine Cocktail features premium, hand-harvested, blue agave piñas that have reached the proper maturity (eight years or so) are then quartered and baked in traditional brick ovens. Shredded, the piñas are pressed for their juice. The aguamiel (honey water) is fermented into agave wine. We then combine pure cane sugar, all-natural lime juice and fresh fruit flavors to create a ready-to-drink margarita that has the perfect balance of strength, freshness and flavor.

    Made in the birthplace of Tequila, Kirkland Signature Golden Margarita Wine Cocktail is an authentic Mexican product that offers refreshing citrus notes as well as the tangy, salty, bracing character.

    • 100% Blue Agave
    • 91 Points/Gold Medal BTI

    Please Drink Responsibly
    -Costco Wholesale Corporation, Issaquah, Washington