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Kirkland Signature™ Golden Margarita Cocktail

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    World's Most Popular Cocktail
    The classic margarita cocktail has a history long and mysterious enough to make it part legend and part myth.

    Popular legend has it that the original margarita was invented in the early 1930s by a young bartender in the Northern town of Ensenada, Mexico. The unique concoction was created especially for fledglilng actress Marjorie "Margarita" King who was allergic to most types of alcohol - except tequila. The unique sweet and sour flavored drink became an instant success. Word of the new drink quickly spread and was soon served in most cantinas and restaurants throughout Mexico. And to this day, many believe the best margaritas are still served in the Northwestern regions of Mexico!

    The Ultimate Margarita
    Our premium ready-to-drink golden margarita cocktail was created with the original "south-of-the-border" margarita recipe in mind. It's made from a refreshing combination of real lime juice, 100% cane sugar, premium triple sec liqueur and authentic golden tequila from Mexico. Its zesty citrus flavors and rich golden tequila finish makes it a true margarita connoisseurs delight!

    It's Easy!
    Kirkland Signature™ Golden Margarita Cocktail is ready to drink - just pour over ice and enjoy!


    Please Drink Responsibly
    -Costco Wholesale Corporation, Issaquah, Washington