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Instant Immersion 5-user Edition - Italian

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Instant Immersion’s award-winning language-learning software programs, audio lessons, vocabulary & phrase guides, & tons of extras to make learning a new language easy and fun!

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Whether you are learning a new language for school, work or your next vacation, Instant Immersion’s fun and effective exercises, interactive activities and challenging quizzes will help you achieve language fluency in less time than other language systems. With Instant Immersion, you will have more fun, save money and reach your goals faster—guaranteed*!

Build your vocabulary

  • Get around with confidence
  • Converse with ease
  • Understand everyday language
  • Perfect your pronunciation
  • Achieve your goals!
  • Six-Month Money-Back Guarantee*!


Award-Winning Software
  • Levels 1-3 software
  • Includes Level 3 Business
Audio Lessons
  • Quick-start MP3 lessons—use anywhere!
  • 7+ hours of comprehensive learning included
Interactive DVD
  • Fun, interactive language games for everyone
  • Plays on your TV with a DVD player & a remote control
Phrase Guide
  • Quick reference guide of the most common words & phrases
  • Foldable and laminated—perfect for on the go!
5-User License
  • Install the software on 5 home computers
  • Install using a DVD or download from the Internet


Easy Audio Book
• Learn useful words & phrases quickly
• Set to rhythmic music—learn easily & naturally
Who is Oscar Lake? Game
• An immersive computer game all in French
• Research shows you learn better when you’re having fun!
Map of Italy
• Easy-to-read and laminated
• Folds up for easy storage
Personalized Travel Guide
• Customize with travel dates, country and up to 5 cities
• Get the latest events, real-time information, insider tips and more
• Read in multiple formats: print it or send it to your mobile device
Travelmate Pocket Book Translator
• A comprehensive travel translator with logical searchability
• Real-world culture tips, menu reader & more

Instant Immersion’s™ award-winning software was designed using the same proven techniques and methods that occur in an immersive environment to help you learn a foreign language as quickly, easily and naturally as possible. A modern, intuitive interface helps you easily navigate the levels, and a brand new User Guide shows you how to best use the software to reach your goals!

Level 1: Quickly Learn the Basics
Level 1 quickly and easily teaches you the essential words and phrases you will need in order to get around with ease. Learn basic vocabulary and everyday phrases in a fun, interactive atmosphere that keep you coming back! Practice with virtual flashcards, play games and use the record-and-playback feature to practice pronunciation. Also includes a printable picture dictionary.

Topics include:
  • first words and sounds
  • food
  • colors
  • numbers
  • basic phrases
  • body parts
  • time
  • shopping
  • countries
  • and more!

Level 2: Speak with Confidence
Once you’ve got the basics, you’ll be ready to move on to more complex phrases, correct pronunciation and how to converse in your new language. Quiz yourself and print out the dictionary to practice each subject on the go. Using our Voice Recording Feature, first listen to a word spoken by a native speaker, then record yourself repeating it. Continue until you are happy with your pronunciation. This natural listening process gives you the confidence you need to speak in the real world!

Topics include:
  • alphabet
  • greetings
  • restaurant
  • travel
  • sports and hobbies
  • family
  • friends
  • work
  • and more!

Level 3: Hold a Conversation
Reach your language-learning goals by immersing yourself in advanced conversations that will refine your language skills and help you retain what you learned. No software program can completely replace an immersive environment, but Instant Immersion™ gives you a comfortable, easy way to practice in the real world. Practice with image association, game-style quizzes and story reconstruction, then test yourself and perfect your pronunciation with the Recordable Voice Feature. Also includes a printable dictionary.

Topics include:
• directions
• hotels
• people
• food
• weather
• animals
• numbers
• seasons
• and more!

Level 3 Business: Communicate in a Business Setting
This program is dedicated to helping you communicate confidently in a business setting. You’ll learn vocabulary that relates specifically to careers and the workplace, but also to the technology many of us use in our everyday lives, such as e-mail. Just like in the other levels, you will be able to practice in these topics with quizzes, interactive dialogues and games, as well as perfect your pronunciation with the Voice Recording Feature.

Topics include:
• e-mail
• negotiating
• marketing
• advertising
• finance
• banking
• and much more!

About $230. Both Instant Immersion™ and Rosetta Stone® are respected brands. Both offer multi-level language-learning software. And both use similar teaching methods. So, why does Instant Immersion cost so much less? Because we don’t spend millions of dollars on advertising and marketing campaigns. Try Instant Immersion. We guarantee you will be satisfied or we will give you your money back*.

Instant Immersion™ uses natural image association techniques to help you learn as easily as you learned your first language, and at a fraction of the cost of other language-learning programs! With Instant Immersion™, you will have more fun, save money and reach your goals faster—guaranteed*!

*6-Month Money Back Guarantee: You may return Instant Immersion™ Levels 1, 2 & 3 5-User Edition with a valid receipt directly to TOPICS Entertainment up to six months from the original date of purchase. See for details.

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  • Multiple Users: Multiuser

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