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Evolve Xbox One Video Game

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Release Date: 2/10/2015
ESRB Rating: M - Mature
Genre: Shooter
Publisher: 2k Games

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**This game is not backwards compatible. Xbox One games will not play in a Xbox 360 console.


In a savage world of man vs nature, are you the hunter or the hunted?

Evolve is a true next-generation multiplayer shooter game featuring addictive adrenaline-pumping 4v1 action. One player-controlled Monster must evade and outsmart a team of four uniquely skilled playable Hunters. Evolve and overpower as the monster or team up and outnumber as the Hunters. With endless combinations of Hunters, Monsters, maps and game modes to choose from, no two hunts will ever be the same. It’s survival of the fittest, and any side can win. Choose your side.

  • The Most Acclaimed Game Shipping in 2015 – Winner of over 65 awards, Evolve is the only title ever to win both official “Best of Show” honors at E3 and Gamescom (plus many others)
  • 4V1 – Team up with friends to hunt a powerful beast or go it alone as the evolving Monster and show your friends who’s boss.
  • Dynamic Campaign – Join the hunt to save the colony or be the Monsters that destroy it in Evacuation.  Combine multiple mission types, maps and campaign effects for 800,000+ possible paths for ultimate replayability where no two hunts are ever the same.
  • Offline Play - Experience the thrill of the hunt offline.  Yes, really.  Every feature in Evolve can be played either online or offline solo.
  • Be a One Man Team of Four – Hot Swap between all four Hunters instantly during the heat of a battle to command the squad strategically while playing solo.


  • Assault- Their name pretty much sums it up. Anything looking down the wrong end of their guns winds up dead, fast.
  • Parnell - The fact that Parnell packs a Combat Shotgun and Rocket Launcher proves how committed he is to obliterating uncooperative wildlife. His Super Soldier ability cranks up the violence by vastly amplifying his damage output. If you need to kill something, you call on Parnell.
  • Hyde - Sadistic. Sociopathic. Deeply disturbed. These are but a few of the compliments Hyde has received from those who've seen his handiwork. What bothers Hyde most about this job isn't the sheer amount of death and destruction the Monster has caused – it's that even with his Minigun, Toxic Grenades, and Flamethrower, it makes him only the second most frightening thing on the planet.
  • Markov - We all have dreams. Markov’s just happens to be dying in glorious battle. This explains his desire to go toe-to-toe with giant Monsters. But his deadly arsenal consisting of a Lightning Gun, Arc Mines, and an impenetrable Personal Shield means that dream may never come true – and that’s just fine with his fellow Hunters.
  • Trapper - These Hunters are the best of the best at tracking the Monster and pinning it down.
  • Abe - the former intergalactic bounty hunter. A cowboy at heart, Abe hunts where the money is. His arsenal includes a Custom Shotgun, a pouch full of Stasis Grenades, and his homemade Tracking Darts. Oh and his hat, he never forgets his hat.
  • Maggie - A quiet woman with a past shrouded in mystery, Maggie is a loner. For years her only companion was Daisy, her faithful pet Trapjaw. Who needs friends when you have a 400-pound alien dogbeast at your side? When Daisy finds their prey, Maggie relies on her Machine Pistol and Harpoon Traps to bring it down.
  • Griffin - They make horror movies about the things mounted on Griffin’s wall. This veteran Trapper relies on deployable Sound Spikes to keep tabs on the Monster’s movements. But when it’s time to face off with his prey, he breaks out his Harpoon Gun to pin it down – like shooting a giant, angry fish in a space barrel.
  • Medic - They keep the team alive and kicking. Luckily, their oath to “do no harm” doesn’t apply to Monsters.
  • Caira - One can only imagine the confusion at the weapons lab when Caira put in her order for a Grenade Launcher that shoots both Napalm and Healing rounds. As a qualified combat medic, she thoroughly enjoys both saving lives and setting stuff on fire. Her Adrenaline Field is also the perfect pick-me up for an all-night hunt.
  • Lazarus - What kind of medic purposely lets his comrades die? One with a badass gun and the ability to restore life to the dead. Slipping past predators with a Silenced Sniper Rifle and Personal Cloak, Lazarus brings fallen allies back from death – even if they're now technically zombies.
  • Val - Sniper and Medic. Two jobs that normally don’t show up on the same résumé. Then again, Val doesn’t apply for just any type of position. Her Armor-Piercing Sniper Rifle and Hunter-healing Medgun are the perfect qualifications for someone stalking prey the size of a small asteroid.
  • Support - These versatile Hunters help teammates hit harder, escape danger, and rain down death on the Monster.
  • Cabot - If we judge a man by the friends he keeps, then Cabot has some explaining to do. As the wrangler of this motley crew, Cabot helps teammates by using his Dust Tagging to track the Monster and his Rail Gun to put it down. But there's nothing more helpful than his trusty Damage Amp, which makes his squad pack an even bigger punch.
  • Bucket - Normally charged with flying the ship, Bucket uses a modified repair drone chassis when the time comes to support his human comrades on the ground. His Guided Missile Launcher, deployable Sentry Guns, and detachable UAV make him more than a match for anything organic
  • Hank - Hank believes in the simple things, like the value of a hard day’s work or the joy of indiscriminately firing a Laser Cutter at bloodthirsty predators. Which is why he cherishes the quiet moment after calling down an Orbital Barrage on whatever creature is currently pissing him off. The ensuing bombardment of fiery death really puts things into perspective.

Be the Monster
Everyone loves a good boss fight. Here’s your chance to play the other side and massacre four Hunters.

  • Kraken - If the dictionary ever decided it needed a new word to describe the mix between waking nightmare and ungodly horror, it would undoubtedly include an image of Kraken. This tentacled monstrosity unleashes electric death on Hunters who get too close and even those who think they are safely out of range.
  • Goliath - Goliath woke up on the wrong side of angry this morning. Little is known about this Monster because scientists studying the beast wind up getting torn in half. Proving just how unfair natural selection can be, Goliath can not only punch through the hull of a starship, it can also breathe fire.

  • Brand: 2K Games
  • Minimum Age Recommended: 17 Years
  • Video Game Genre: Shooter
  • Video Game Platform: Xbox One
  • Video Game Rating: M (Mature)

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