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Dyson DC41 Animal Plus Upright Bagless Vacuum

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Includes Tangle-free Turbine Tool and Combination Tool, Soft Dusting Brush, Flexi Crevice Tool, Flat Out Tool, Mattress Tool

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    The Dyson DC41 Animal is an upright vacuum cleaner designed to help remove more dirt, dust, allergens and pet hair from the home.  It features Radial Root Cyclone™ technology, in which airflows have been remodeled to maximize suction power.  The cleaner head on the DC41 Animal self-adjusts to different floor types, so there are no knobs or dials to adjust.  It has an active base plate, which creates optimal cleaner head contact, reducing air leaks and retaining more suction power.  This technology gives DC41 Animal the strongest suction at the cleaner head.  DC41 also features Dyson Ball™ technology making it easier to steer closer to edges, and into hard to reach places. The included Tangle-free Turbine tool uses counter-rotating heads with brushes to remove hair and dirt—without tangling. In addition, the DC41 Animal Plus also includes the flat out tool, soft dusting brush, flexi crevice tool, and mattress tool.  The instant release wand stretches up to 5 times in length for stairs and high reach cleaning, and the clear bin empties at the push of a button.  DC41 Animal has a lifetime washable filter, and there are no bags, belts or filters to buy.  It comes with a 5 year warranty, parts and labor guaranteed by Dyson, and features Dyson cyclones, which capture more dirt than any other.

    • Radial Root Cyclone™ technology - Airflows remodeled to maximize suction power
    • The strongest suction at the cleaner head - Cleaner head self-adjusts for optimal contact- even on hard floors
    • Turns on a dime - Ball™ technology steers smoothly.  Easy access to awkward places.
    • Lightweight and durable - Engineered materials are selected for their strength and durability.  Less weight and bulk.
    • Captures allergens.  Expels cleaner air. - DC41 captures microscopic particles such as pollen, mold and bacteria.
    • Tangle-free Turbine tool - The only turbine tool that doesn’t tangle.  Counter-rotating heads with brushes remove hair and dirt. A clean air turbine provides the flexible heads with constant power over uneven surfaces.  There’s no brush bar for hair to wrap around, it’s released straight into the bin.
    • Soft dusting brush - The Dyson Soft dusting brush removes dust and allergens from flat surfaces, delicate areas and upholstery. The fine nylon bristles on the Dyson Soft dusting brush are angled at 45 degrees to sweep dust into the airflow, and it has a felt strip down the middle of the brush to help protect some polished and delicate surfaces from scratching.
    • Flexi crevice tool - The Dyson Flexi crevice tool extends and flexes to clean awkward gaps, such as between cabinets and beneath car seats.  Stiff nylon bristles at the end of the Flexi crevice tool help dislodge stubborn and ground-in dirt, including food waste and other debris. Airflow is faster at the tip - to remove dirt and debris from hard to reach corners and gaps.
    • Flat out tool - The Dyson flat out tool articulates for effective pick-up, and is especially handy for cleaning under low furniture and household appliances.
    • Mattress tool - The Dyson Mattress tool removes dirt, allergens and dust mites from mattresses and upholstery.
    • Instant release wand - Stretches up to 5 times in length for stairs and hard to reach places
    • Fingertip controls - To instantly turn the motorized brush bar off for hard floors, delicate floors and rugs.
    • Cable release catch - Twist 180° to quickly release the cable
    • Clear bin - Made from tough polycarbonate- the same material as riot shields
    • No belts to replace - Timing belt doesn’t slip and is guaranteed for 5 years
    • Motorized brush bar - Independent motor drives the brush bar for better cleaning performance
    • Lifetime washable filter - No need to buy replacements
    • Pedal-free automatic recline mechanism - Simply recline and go
    • Combination tool - Reaches further and has softer bristles for improved spot cleaning and gentle dusting
    • No extra costs - No bags, belts or filters to replace

    • Tangle-free Turbine tool
    • Combination tool

    Value Added Tools:
    • Soft Dusting Brush
    • Flexi Crevice Tool
    • Flat Out Tool
    • Mattress Tool

    • Color: Iron/Rich Royal Purple
    • Suction Power: 235
    • Amps: 12
    • Bin Capacity: 0.55 gallons
    • Cleaning Path: 13.3 inches
    • Hose and Wand Length: 15.4 ft.
    • Cable Length: 35 ft.
    • Max Reach: 51.7 ft.
    • Premotor Filter: Lifetime (3 months washable)
    • Postmotor Filter: Lifetime washable filter (3 months washable)
    • Assembly required
    • Dimensions: 42.1" H x 15.5” W x 13.4" D
    • Weight: 17.1 lbs.   
    • 5 Years Warranty Parts and Labor

    Model: DC41AN / 64619-01

    • Brand: Dyson
    • Carpet Height Adjustment: Automatic
    • Cord Length: 35 ft.
    • Depth: 15.4 in.
    • Filter Type: Washable Air Filter
    • Height: 42.4 in.
    • Model: DC41
    • Rug/Floor Switch: Yes
    • Vacuum Type: Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    • Weight: 17.1 lb.
    • Width: 13.4 in.

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