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Costco Diamond & Jewelry Information

Item #11623621MPI

  • Diamond & Jewelry Information:  
    When returning unique jewelry items, or items containing a 1.00 ct center diamond or larger, Costco warehouses may require additional time to verify the diamond, in which case a refund will be approved upon positive verification and as long as the item is not damaged or changed in any way (i.e. resized or reset). This process may require two to five business days.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Can I have the item sent to a Costco Wholesale location for preview and/or purchase?

    Items cannot be sent for preview or purchase to Costco Wholesale locations. All items must be purchased through the website and are shipped directly to you. Item selection on generally differs from the warehouse selection. If you are not completely satisfied, your purchase is fully refundable at any Costco warehouse or through

    • Does ship to P.O. Boxes?

    We do not currently deliver to PO boxes, APO (Air/Army Post Office) boxes, FPO (Fleet Post Office) boxes, freight forwarders or a few limited geographic areas within the U.S.

    • Can I order a piece of jewelry in a different metal/different ring size or have my ring sized prior to shipping?

    All items are sold in the size and mounting shown as finished pieces of jewelry. We are not able to customize items that are offered on Ring sizes and sizing limits are listed on the website. When a ring has the capability of being sized, we recommend you take the ring to a reputable jeweler in your area as we do not offer this service.

    • Does Costco sell loose diamonds?

    Costco does not sell loose diamonds. All diamonds sold at are sold as finished pieces of jewelry.

    • Can I buy a ring without a center diamond? does not sell semi-mounted jewelry, or jewelry without a center stone.

    • Can I have a bigger or smaller diamond?

    All jewelry items on the website come with the specifications listed on the site. We are not able to make any modifications or customize items on the website.

    • Can I expedite shipment of an order?

    The estimated delivery time for receipt of an item is listed on the website. To ensure our quality is never compromised and our orders are promptly fulfilled, we are not able to expedite shipments.

    • I saw an item on the website and it is no longer there,  can I special order it?

    An item is removed from the website when the available inventory has been sold out. If we secure additional inventory, the item will be put back on the website and made available for
    purchase. We do not accept special orders.

    • What is Costco’s stance on conflict diamonds?

    Costco Wholesale shares the concern of the global community in abolishing conflict diamonds, and is committed to procuring goods of the utmost integrity. We are proud to sell beautiful, high quality diamonds that are obtained solely through closely monitored legal channels set forth by the United Nations’ Kimberley Process.

    The Kimberley Process, adopted into U.S. and Canadian legislation, requires
    manufacturers to comply with a lengthy procedure which closely tracks, ships and receives each diamond, documenting each step so as to monitor the stones’ origin. Diamonds that we offer for sale are procured from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and comply with the United Nations resolutions set forth by the Kimberly Process procedure.

    • IGI vs. GIA, What’s the difference?

    International Gemological Institute (IGI), issues Summation of Appraisal, which is an appraisal of a piece of jewelry suitable for insurance purposes. Gemological Institute of America (GIA), issues Diamond Grading Reports. This is a complete technical description of the diamond as it is loose, prior to being mounted in the setting. GIA does not assign any monetary value to the diamond, just specific measurements and quality grades, identifying that particular diamond vs. any other. If a diamond has a Diamond Grading Report from GIA, IGI will reference that report in the appraisal.

    • Who do I contact if I need additional information on a product?

    For questions regarding jewelry found on or in the warehouse, please email your question(s) to