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Apex Custom Wine Cellars & Cooling System


Call the Apex Wine Cellars Customer Service Department at 800-463-6136

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  • Apex Wine Cellars & Cooling Systems is one of the largest and most innovative wine cellar manufacturers in the world.  Our custom designed cellar creations are handcrafted to match your décor and bottle capacity goals. The finest architects, interior designers, and custom home builders have specified Apex in private homes, restaurants, and wine retail shops for 25 years. Apex offers free cellar construction consulting and CAD services. We can offer you a customized racking system that fits your exact space, and a cooling system to properly store your private collection at the correct climate conditions 24/7- 12 months of the year.  These one-of-a-kind cellars can be very simple or match your wildest dreams. The possibilities are endless.  

    Arrange a no obligation cellar consultation to begin the process of designing a cellar that is right for you.

    QUESTIONS?  Call the Apex Wine Cellar Customer Service Department at 800-463-6136.

    Apex Custom Wine Cellars & Cooling System Design and Build Process:
    Step #1: Contact Apex so we learn all about your wine cellar project.   We will ask that you send us either by fax or email a simple hand drawing of the space or a copy of the blue prints that shows the layout for the cellar.  We will talk with you about what you want your cellar to look like, how many bottles you wish to store, bottle sizes you have in your collection, and special features to enhance your cellar design.  At this stage we also tell you how to prepare the walls and ceiling with the proper installation and vapor barrier, correct flooring materials, door, lighting etc.

    Step #2: If you are going to climate control your cellar we need to determine the proper cooling equipment specifications and details that you need to protect your wine at the proper climate conditions.  There are many types of equipment to pick from.  We have Thru-Wall units, Split Systems, and Ducted Systems. Your cellar consultant will determine the right cooling equipment for you based on Step #1 and a series of more detailed questions about the cellar space, surrounding area and where in the US you live.

    Step #3: From the information from Step 1 and 2 we will provide you with a free 3D Color Rendering so you can get a real good idea what the cellar will look like and 2D CAD design showing top and front view details and measurements.  These designs come back to you via email in pdf files in a week or less from the time you have your first consulting meeting. Along with the CAD and Renderings we provide you a project price.

    Step #4: Now that you have seen the first CAD designs we begin to fine tune the cellar racking layout.  This revision process might take one or two new CAD drawings to get it just right for you.

    Step #5: Approve the final CAD designs and we start to manufacturing your racking system and cooling equipment. In 6-8 weeks we are ready to ship your custom cellar it to you.  The racking is designed for assembly by you or your builder. Or we can assist you to locate an outside firm that you can hire to do the installation for you.  Thru-Wall cooling Systems can be installed by anyone. The Split and Ducted system needs to be installed by a licensed refrigeration contractor.