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Antique Amphora Rain Barrel Planter


Antique Roman Design, Solid Brass Spigot, Terra Cotta Color, Universal Downspout Kit, Protected Water Supply. Please Select Size From the Drop Down Menu.

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This Classic Amphora Rain Barrel brings a touch of ancient Rome into your home and garden while capturing one of mother nature’s finest gifts.  Pure rainwater is what your indoor & outdoor plants are thirsty for and this unit automatically collects 66 or 95 gallons of it. Your plants know the difference between treated or hard water and pure rain water, and you’ll likely see the difference in a matter of weeks. Also, the Amphora is an enclosed chamber by design making it one solid piece.  Engineering it this way prevents mosquitos and other insects from entering and breeding in the water.  

The rustic artifact shape and finish is made of Polyethylene plastic with the perfect coloring of terra cotta and UV stabilizers throughout. In addition to the rainbarrel aspect, the top section is an integrated planter in which to grow your favorite decorative plants, vegetables or herbs.  It is lined with a thick fibrous material that holds in the planting soil but allows clean drainage into the rain barrel below.  Two small raised holes in the molded planter allow excess water into the barrel while also allowing a shallow water reservoir for the roots to absorb.  A solid brass faucet releases the captured rainwater into your favorite watering can.

This Amphora comes with a simple but universal rainwater diverter kit which connects to your existing downspout.  In 30-60 minutes, your downspout will be ready to begin filling the unit. Once the rain barrel is full, the downspout system forces additional rain water to continue downward into your existing drainpipe. The Amphora cannot overflow.

Assembly Note:  
Assembly is approximately one hour. A drill bit is provided to prepare your rainwater diverter kit which connects to your existing downspout  device.  From there, simply attach the fittings and tubing provided to the rainbarrel for use.  The solid brass spigot hand tightens into the lower hole and is position perfectly to fill your watering can.   For this reason, you do not need to elevate the rain barrel.  

Product Features:

  • Available in 66 Gallon or 95 Gallon capacity
  • Classic amphora shape & details are famous as a water carrying vessel in ancient times
  • Integrated planter adds décor to the rainbarrel
  • Made of rugged Polyethylene Plastic, UV protected & stabilized
  • Heavy Duty 7mm wall thickness
  • Rustic Terra Cotta color and finish is stylish and looks like actual clay
  • No lid, no open spaces to eliminate mosquito entry
  • 1 solid brass ¾” spigot & connecting hardware & sealing tape
  • 1 Universal rain water diverter kit (connects to your existing downspout)
  • All threaded connections are standard dimensions
  • No inner bladder necessary
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Made in Germany
  • For inquiries with respect to assembly, call Exaco Trading at (877) 760-8500

66 Gallon Product Dimensions:
  • Stands 42” high, 30” diameter at widest point
  • Weight Empty is 35 lbs
  • Planter depth is 7.5”

95 Gallon Product Dimensions;
  • Stands 47” high, 35” diameter at widest point
  • Weight Empty is 45 lbs
  • Planter depth is 7.5”

  • Capacity (Gallons): 66 gal.
  • Garden Hose Connection: Yes
  • Height: 42.52 in.
  • Weight: 33 lb.
  • Width: 31.1 in.

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