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8,600 Total Servings 1 Person 1 year Food Storage


$0.18 per serving delivered
1600 calories per day average
Up to 25 years shelf life

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Shelf Reliance is your premier source for food storage and emergency preparedness planning. Because nothing is more important than the health and safety of your family, we provide only top-of-the-line products. Our line of THRIVE Foods are held to the highest standards. All THRIVE Foods have been developed with everyday menu planning in mind, though they are also the perfect addition to your long-term food storage supply. With their great taste and simple preparation, THRIVE is a trusted source of healthy, delicious meals anytime.

This THRIVE Food Supply package comes complete with 120 #10 (gallon size) cans of grains, fruits, veggies, protein & beans, dairy, and basic essentials. With over 8,600 servings and many foods with a shelf life of up to 25 years, this package will give you variety, nutrition, and peace of mind!

To help you make the most of each food in your supply, we've included our exclusive THRIVE cookbook featuring dozens of recipes that will empower you to create gourmet meals your family will love!

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• 12 month food supply for 1 Person
• 6 month food supply for 2 People
• 3 month food supply for 4 People
• 1600 calories per day average
• Shipment arrives in 10 separate boxes
• Freeze-dried foods have a shelf life of up to 25 years
• Simple rehydration instructions, recipes, and helpful tips are included on each can
• Over 8,600 total servings
• 120 #10 cans

This THRIVE Food Storage package contains 120 #10 (gallon size) cans. See below for specific package contents.

(12) Hard White Winter Wheat (25 yr shelf life)(USA)
(12) White Rice (25 yr shelf life)(USA)
(4) Pearled Barley (8 yr shelf life)(USA)
(3) Whole Wheat Flour (5 yr shelf life)(USA)
(3) White Flour (5 yr shelf life)(USA)
(3) Cornmeal (25 yr shelf life)(USA)
(2) Elbow Macaroni (8 yr shelf life)(USA)

Fruits & Veggies:
(8) Dehydrated Potato Chunks (25 yr shelf life)(USA)
(7) Freeze-dried Sweet Corn ( 25yr shelf life)(USA)
(3) Dehydrated Carrot Dices (8 yr shelf life)(USA)
(2) Freeze-dried Broccoli (25 yr shelf life)(USA)
(1) Freeze-dried Onions (25 yr shelf life)(USA)
(4) Dehydrated Apple Slices (25 yr shelf life)(USA)
(2) Freeze-dried Strawberries (25 yr shelf life)(USA)
(2) Freeze-dried Bananas (25 yr shelf life)(Ecuador)
(2) Freeze-dried Raspberries (25 yr shelf life)(USA/CHILE/SERBIA)

(8) Powdered Milk (25 yr shelf life)(USA)
(4) Instant Milk (25 yr shelf life)(USA)
(3) Cheese Blend Powder (15 yr shelf life)(USA)
(2) Chocolate Drink Mix (25 yr shelf life)(USA)

(6) Instant Refried Beans (25 yr shelf life)(USA)
(5) Chicken TVP (10 yr shelf life)(USA)
(4) Beef TVP (10 yr shelf life)(USA)
(2) Taco TVP (10 yr shelf life)(USA)
(2) Pinto Beans (25 yr shelf life)(USA/CANADA)
(2) Lentils (25 yr shelf life)(USA)

(3) White Sugar (25 yr shelf life)(USA)
(1) Iodized Salt (25 yr shelf life)(USA)
(1) Chicken Bouillon (5 yr shelf life)(USA)
(1) Beef Bouillon (5 yr shelf life)(USA)
(2) Orchard Apple Drink (3 yr shelf life)(USA)
(2) Orange Bliss Drink (3 yr shelf life)(USA)
(2) Simply Peach Drink (3 yr shelf life)(USA)

  • Brand: Shelf Reliance
  • Case Count: 120
  • Number of Servings: 8,600 Serving

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