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9,200 Total Servings 1 Year 1 Person Deluxe Emergency Food Kit 2-pack Water Barrel with Water Filtration Kit By Nutristore™

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$0.20 per serving
Shelf life up to 25 years
Food Grade HDPE
Aquamira® BVR Filtration Technology

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When an emergency strikes or you simply need access to delicious food with great nutritional value, look no further than Nutristore™!  We offer this Deluxe Food & Water Storage Supply designed to sustain one person for one year, two people for six months or up to four people for three months. This supply contains over 9,200 servings and over 1,800 calories per day! This emergency food kit is a great foundational start for those new to personal preparedness or serves as an excellent enhancement of diversity, nutrition, and value to any existing food storage supply.

The Nutristore™ Deluxe Food & Water Supply contains 30 (thirty) #10 cans of grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy and other essentials with up to a 25+ shelf life on many items. It also includes 14 (fourteen) buckets of assorted base grains as well as gourmet entrees, breakfast meals and many herbs & spices to ensure the best flavors for any meals you make! When it comes to water, we’ve included 2 (two) 55 gallon barrels or storage as well as 1 (one) Aquamira® In-home Water Filtration System with an extra replacement filter - combining for 240 gallons of filtration capacity!
This world is full of surprises and uncertainties. With this supply, you can ensure that your dietary and nutritional needs are taken care of no matter the circumstance!

  • 30 #10 (gallon) cans, including real Freeze-dried and Dehydrated Fruits, Vegetables, Meats & Cheese
  • 14 Assorted Food Buckets, including entree meals
  • 2 - 55 ga. BPA-free Water Barrels
  • One Aquamira® In-home Filtration System w/ Replacement Filter (240 gallon filtration capacity)
  • 9,200 servings of food
  • Over 657,000 Calories (1,800 Calories Per Day avg.)
  • Up to 25 year shelf life on many items

#10 (Gallon-sized) Cans Included:
  • 2 - Granola (3.01 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin: USA)
  • 2 - Dehydrated Apples (0.97 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin: USA)
  • 2 - Freeze-dried Bananas (1.06 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin: Ecuador/China)
  • 2 - Freeze-dried Peaches (0.62 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin: USA/Greece/China)
  • 2 - Freeze-dried Strawberries (0.35 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin: USA/China)
  • 4 - Dehydrated Potatoes (2.03 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin: USA)
  • 2 - Dehydrated Carrots (1.76 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin: USA)
  • 2 - Freeze-dried Green Beans (0.31 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin: USA/China)
  • 2 - Freeze-dried Onions (0.61 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin: USA/China)
  • 2 - Freeze-dried Sweet Corn (0.97 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin: USA)
  • 2 - Salt (8 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin: USA)
  • 2 - Freeze-dried Cheddar Cheese (2.3 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin:USA)
  • 2 - Freeze-dried Chicken (1.15 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin: USA/Canada)
  • 2 - Freeze-dried Hamburger Beef (1.5 lbs net wt. per can) (Country of Origin: USA/Canada)

Buckets Included:
  • 4 - Hard Red Wheat 6ga. Bucket (408 servings per Bucket) (Country of Origin: USA)
  • 3 - Instant White Rice 6ga. Bucket (186 servings per Bucket) (Country of Origin: USA)
  • 1 - Instant Milk 6ga. Bucket (620 servings per Bucket) (Country of Origin: USA)
  • 1 - White Sugar 6ga. Bucket (4593 servings per Bucket) (Country of Origin: USA)
  • 1 - Lentils 6ga. Bucket (383 servings per Bucket) (Country of Origin: USA/Canada)
  • 1 - Pinto Beans 6ga. Bucket (408 servings per Bucket) Country of Origin: USA/Canada)
  • 1 - Entree Combo Bucket (128 servings per Bucket) (Country of Origin: USA)
  • 1 - Breakfast Combo Bucket (128 servings per Bucket) (Country of Origin: USA)
  • 1 - Herb & Spice Variety Bucket (17 assorted Herbs & Spices)

Water Storage & Filtration Included:
  • 2 - 55 gallon BPA-free Water Storage Barrels  
  • 1 - Aquamira® In-Home Water Filtration System
  • 1 - Aquamira® Frontier Plus BVR Replacement Filter
  • 1 - Barrel Buddy Multi-tool/Wrench

The Aquamira® Home Filtration Kit is the first of its kind – A complete in-home system that allows you to access water from all areas and resources of a house while ensuring it’s clean and drinkable for your family in any emergency situation. Now you can consider your water heater, sink faucets, and exterior water spigots as go-to options for water. This kit comes complete with adapters for all these options and can easily connect to the pump filter to provide the water needed to drink, bathe and cook. Featuring the most state of the art filtration technology, the Aquamira® Plus BVR Filter not only protects against bacteria, cysts and chemicals but also viruses too! This kit is also compatible to use with your other water storage containers such as 55 ga. barrels, 5 gallon containers and Super Tankers.

BVR Mixed Media Filtration Technology incorporates a unique combination of the most advanced filtration techniques and media science available today. This patent pending design and manufacturing method has been thoroughly tested and certified by independent laboratories to consistently remove protozoan cysts, bacteria, and virus to ANSI/NSF Standard 52, and US EPA standards without the use of disinfecting chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, or iodine. BVR Mixed Media filters provide high flows and long service life in the most compact, lightweight cartridge available today.

BVR Filter Technology: Meets or exceeds ANSI/NSF Standard 53 for removal of Protozoan, Cysts, Bacteria and Virus.

Activated Coconut Shell Carbon: Reduces waterborne chemicals*, improves taste and eliminates offensive odors.

Antimicrobial: Suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media.

Filter Removal Specifications:
  • Protozoan Cysts: ≥ 99.9% per ANSI/NSF 53
  • Bacteria: ≥ 99.9999% per ANSI/NSF 53 (such as E-coli, Cryptosporidium, etc)
  • Virus: ≥ 99.99% per ANSI/NSF 53
  • Chlorine Removal: Meets or Exceeds ANSI/NSF 42
  • Additional Benefits: Reduces Chlorine and emerging contaminants.

Filter Specifications:
  • Length: 3.30”
  • Weight (dry): 0.81 oz.
  • Filter Capacity: 120 gallons
  • Flow (ml/min @3psi): 600 ml Max. / 300 ml Min.

*It is recommended that all stored water should be rotated annually

  • Brand: Nutristore

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